La police israélienne bientôt intégrée aux forces de l’ONU?

L’ambassadeur israélien à l’ONU, Danny Danon, agit en vue d’intégrer des policiers israéliens dans les forces de police de l’ONU, selon le quotidien Israël Hayom.

Les forces de maintien de la paix de l’ONU peuvent théoriquement disposer de représentants de tous les pays membres de l’organisation, et l’objectif de l’Ambassadeur Danon est de démontrer la volonté israélienne d’intégrer autant d’institutions onusiennes que possible. M. Danon vise ainsi à améliorer l’image d’Israël dans le monde.

Une pensée sur “La police israélienne bientôt intégrée aux forces de l’ONU?

  • 30 décembre 2015 à 18 h 19 min

    Their people have infiltrated the highest places in the Israeli government, the highest places in business in the state of Israel, and they control the Botai Mishpot (courts). They are in control of what is called the “supposed” security of the state of Israel, meaning the army, the police, and the secret services. It’s not all the members of these organizations that are their lackeys but the elite in all of these groups have infiltrated the heart of the so-called Jewish state. It is more and more evident that the master plan is taking form and a clear direction to the grand finale which they think will be the complete takeover of the world and the establishment of a one world order, a one world government, a one world army, a one world police, and a one world court of so-called justice. Before this can be attained completely we can see their horrific plan of a great world conflict, a war that will in the end make the world population much less and bring the rest of the inhabitance of the world to their knees and begging for their lives to them.


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